21st Apr2012
Military Fitness Entry

Military Fitness and Movement Training

So There You Are… (Video Below) You just left the last covered and concealed position moving to the breach point. After a short pregnent pause your breacher...

29th Mar2012
What is Situational Awareness

Train Your Situational Awareness

What is Situational Awareness? Your situational awareness is how closely your perception reflects the reality of the environment you find yourself in. Situational awareness for the tactical...

22nd Mar2012
Military Fitness and Testosterone

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Increase Testosterone and Boost Military Fitness Today I got to talk to a great buddy of mine who is a real expert in nutritional supplements and helping...

21st Mar2012
Compression top for military fitness

Can Your Clothing Increase Military Fitness

Compression Clothes To Increase Military Fitness As tactical athletes we definitely put the time in at the gym, for the most part we keep an eye on...

17th Mar2012
CQC Thailand

The Principles of CQB

Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action Lately we have been taking a look at CQB to try to educate/review some of the basic premises for military operators and...

11th Mar2012
Corners CQB

Taking Corners In CQB and CQC

TTPs METT-TC and CQB Recently we put up a post on 10 Mistakes in CQB and the response we  received was great but, a common response was; well...

07th Mar2012
Rest Is An Important Part of Military Fitness

Active Rest and Military Fitness

Rest Better And Improve Performance What is Active Rest? The Idea that you should train on your “off” days may bring a chill up your spine but...

04th Mar2012
Really? A Humvee that flies? We have those they are called Choppers.

Things In The Military That Drive Me Crazy

Things That Drive Me Crazy About The Military To start out, I would like to say I love being in the military. The United States Military is the...

29th Feb2012
You are the Master of Your Mindset

Combat Mindset and Peak Performance

Check Your Headspace and Timing I spent the day with some guys I have worked with over at Magis Group who are without a doubt the leading performance...

23rd Feb2012
Close Quarters Combat

Ten Mistakes That Will Get You Killed in CQB

Avoid These Mistakes and Survive Your Next Mission I recently got back from a training iteration for work and I noticed that a lot of us kept...