22nd Mar2012

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

by A.J.

Increase Testosterone and Boost Military Fitness

Today I got to talk to a great buddy of mine who is a real expert in nutritional supplements and helping Special Operators to achieve higher levels of tactical performance. I thought it would be fun to try something different and try and upload an audio file instead of writing a long post so we could get our Friday off to a great start.

[audio:http://tacticalathleticperformance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/T-Boosting1.mp3|titles=T-Boosting for military fitness]

Military Fitness and Testosterone

So just as a recap

1. Multi joint movements

2. High volume training

3. High intensity workouts

4. Proper nutrient timing

5. Don’t avoid Cholesterol

6. Rest as hard as you train

7. Keep your stress low

8. Avoid overdoing it with alcohol

We talked about a few supplements like protein and Fish oils to round out the program. I hope you enjoyed this post and if I get some good feedback you may be seeing more of these in the future.



8 Responses to “Boosting Testosterone Naturally”

  • SFC Diane Noggin

    Good information for the males, as the segiment was intended for, but also very informative for the females as well. I met Andy 6 mos ago and have since lost over 12 inches by the supplements bought from Complete Nutrition. Andy is extremely knowledgeable of the body’s entire process and needs for both males and females. I would recommend anyone needing to either lose inches, turn body fat into muscle or just plain wanting to get healthly to go see Andy–true expert who won’t steer you wrong and will develop a plan specifically for your body. First time on this site and a great posting by A.J.

    • Thanks Diane,
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I definitely agree with you Andy is a one of a kind who specializes in the needs of military members both male and female. Hope to see you around here again soon.

  • SShelby

    Awesome stuff. Some ideas that I’ve never thought of. Every year I can tell the difference with my recovery rate… keep it comming

    • Thank you Shelby. I know what you mean with the changes in recovery as the years go buy but, one thing is for sure this old bull does seem to get stronger though it takes two days before I can get out of bed.

  • Mike

    I use isolate protein powder, do you know if there has been any research on the affect of isolate and its bioavailability of protein?

    • Hey Mike,
      Great question, isolate protein powder or more commonly referred to as “whey isolate” does indeed have research describing the bioavalibility of the protein. As some background the bioavalibility or BV of a protein describes the accessibility that you body has to being able to absorb and use the protein. Originally the BV was described as a percentage because the wisdom of the time had determined that egg white protein had the highest possible BV so as such it was given a value of 100%, since then the % was dropped off due to the discovery of proteins such as Whey Isolate which brags a BV of about 170 that is about 30% higher than the next protein type on the BV scale Whey concentrate. One nice side not on Whey Isolate is that you can take some Whey isolate products even if you are lactose intolerant because the process of making the product can remove the lactose. May I suggest using a variety of differing protein types because some absorb faster or slower than others and with the right mix you can provide you body with nutrients all day. ;o)

      • Mike

        That clears a lot of things up. I heard that there was some thoughts that it might be less bioavailable during the making process. I tried asking my
        Nutrition Professor the same question, but she gave me the run around. Thanks for the help.

        • My Nutrition Professor told me that 65grams of protein pre day was enough for an athlete to improve performance. LOL

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