20th Feb2012

Spartan Race Fort Carson

by A.J.

Come Join Us At The Spartan Race Fort Carson

Spartan Race Fort CarsonTactical Athletic Performance and Complete Nutrition of Colorado Springs are going to be supporting the Spartan Race Colorado held at Fort Carson home of the 10th Special Forces Group and Army 4th Infantry Division. This event is going to be one of the hardest of the year for the Spartan Race because of obstacles designed specifically for Special Operators as well as the intense altitude.

When: May 5th and 6th 2012 Starting at 0900 for the “elite” heat

Where: Fort Carson Colorado “The Best Home Town In The Army”

Distance: 4+ miles with additional obstacles

There will be no aid stations for hydration so come ready to rock.

The Race will have a Cinco De Mayo theme, unlike the typical Spartan Race this one is designed and supported specifically for the military athlete. Come hang out with us after the race at the Complete Nutrition Stand and get some free stuff if you mention Tactical Athletic Performance. Click the link Below and sign up. Hope to see you all there. All entrants get a free “Beer Ticket”



28th Jan2012

Optimum Fat Burning For Military Fitness

by A.J.

Lower Your Intensity, Increase Your Performance

Fat BurningWhat is the best way to burn fat, lean up and overall increase my ability on the battle field? This is a question I get hit with quite often. The fact of the matter is you can’t flex fat so besides a small amount of fuel you need to carry on your body, excess fat just slows you down, increases the work you have to do to get the job done and doesn’t seem to do much to improve your appearance in a uniform. Conventional wisdom says you burn more calories from fat when your output is low and you burn more calories from carbs when you put out at high intensity. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as just dropping your intensity to burn more fat, because when you drop intensity you also drop total calorie output. The question becomes what is the optimum intensity output to burn the most fat while not getting too far into the carbohydrate and muscle burning zone. One pound of fat provides about 3600 calories of energy which is why your body depends on it when your are resting or not putting out much effort, the average person carries less that 2000 calories from carbohydrates on the entire body and even a lean fit athlete carries over 25,000 calories of energy as stored fat.

Get In The Fat Burning Zone


For most people your peak fat burning zone is between 45% and 65% of your maximum heart rate. The way most people find the max heart rate simply take 220 and subtract their age to find their max heart rate, but unfortunately this can be very inaccurate and in the military athlete this inaccuracy can be even more stated. So here is how you can find that zone the way they do in a lab for professional athletes.

Finding Your Optimum Fat Burning Zone

Step 1: Warm up on a treadmill or bike for 10 minutes.

Military FitnessStep 2: Peddle on a stationary bike for 20 minutes at your maximum sustainable rate. You should feel a developing burn in the legs, but not so much intensity that your muscels cramp up or force you to stop. (this level of output is right at your lactic acid threshold, where you muscles are creating lactic acid at about the same rate your body is able to process that acid out.)

Step 3: Record your heart rate every minute for the twenty minutes and find the average. From that number subtract 20 beats from that.

Step 4: That number is your Optimun Fat burning rate stay within 3 beats of that number above and below. This is where for your time and effort you will burn the most fat for your individual body.

Example: If your average heart rate during the 20 minutes is 165 then subtract 20 to get 145 and therefor you optimum fat burning zone is 142-148 beats per minute.

My Recommendations


I have included my recommendations, and in the interest of full disclosure if you buy any of theses products through my links below I will be compensated for your purchase but whether you buy them through me or else where I truly appreciate you stopping by and reading my post. Please leave a comment and bookmark for future reference.

Remember that the fat burning zone will not develop your overall endurance and cardio vascular fitness as well as other training methods so spend time in the fat burning zone but do not neglect the rest of your fitness requirements.

You are going to need a decent heart moniter do not depend on the monitor on your basic cardio equipment. The polar FT2 is a no frills monitor I use regularly the price is right and mine has lasted me a long time.


Once you have found the zone you need to be training in to burn fat I recommend a few helpful fat burning aids. As you have seen here before I am a huge believer in fish oils for overall health as well as a few other supplements like:

Dymatize Dyma-Burn Xtreme – 120 Capsules

09th Sep2011

Go Ruck Ascent… Food Is a Crutch

by A.J.

The Go Ruck Accent Takes a 14er

Over Labor Day weekend, 5 Green Berets led 50 people over some of Colorado’s most impressive 14,000-foot peaks for an event known as the GORUCK Ascent.  GORUCK, founded by a former Green Beret, manufactures military-grade gear and hosted the Ascent as a means by which to raise awareness and funds for the Green Beret Foundation.  Through this event, over $30,000 was raised for the Green Beret Foundation.