12th Aug2011

Combat Training Awesomeness

by A.J.

Here is a carbine that if you traded it for your first born you will have gotten the better side of the deal. Lock the doors and make sure your wife is going to be gone for 20 minutes or so before you watch this.

2 Responses to “Combat Training Awesomeness”

  • That is a great video. I want one just like it!! 😉

  • Zack

    Just come upon this site and going through some of these articles you’ve done and found this one…The two guys (“Voodoo” and “Hollywood”) you see at the end running the FERFRANS systems are a couple of guys I train with quite a bit out here in California. They own and run Falcon Operations Group, and are great teachers and good people.

    I’ve run this weapon system while training with them a couple times, and words can’t describe how cool the delayed sear is on this weapon system. The only “bad” thing about running it, and only bad if you’re standing next to it, is the muzzle break. I tell you what…that this thing will beat you to death, but it is absolutely effective! I’m very glad I found this sight AJ, you have a lot of info on here that will help me out quite a bit, as I’m working and preparing myself to go through my agency’s special operation team assessment/selection.

    If I think of any questions, I’ll be sure to hit you up for some advice and words of wisdom as you are a wealth of knowledge sir. Thanks again.


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