03rd Oct2011

Multiple Targets with the Pistol

by A.J.

Train up so if you get this opportunity you can handle it with finesse

So this weekend I got to head out and do some shooting with some buddies I have known since the Camp Mackall days and we worked on engaging two targets with the pistol (video below). When shooting at more than one target there are a few factors that play into efficently engaging. Anytime you shoot with the pistol you need to have proper stance, grip, trigger squeeze, and sight picture but, when you have two targets a few other things come into play. The compromise comes in surrounding a few questions: How many rounds should I place in each target before moving to the next?  How fast can I get before my accuracy drops dramatically? All else being equal shoot the greater threat target first; which is closer, which is more aggressive, which one is carrying a weapon, who is in charge, which would be more difficult to defeat in a hand-to-hand fight?

When shooting at two targets I would say service a target with two rounds and move to the next one. Two rounds increases your chance at a critical hit without adding too much time to the engagement. Accuracy for me is hitting the target in the trunk or head as quickly as possible without putting others at risk by missing. Remember, that no matter how fast you miss it is still a miss, and does nothing to help your situation, so practice with different speeds to see what your skill is so you have a basis for combat decision making.  When engaging more than two targets I like to service each target once with one round before moving to the next, then going back to finish servicing the standing targets. The reason I break from the normal controlled pair per target rule is after running through the scenario a few times it becomes obvious that if you are going to engage 4 targets a controlled pair gives the last target way to much time; and in a gun fight time can be very dangerous.

The most important thing in a gun fight is to survive so you can make it to the gym later. As a tactical athlete you need to train these skills at the range as much as possible because, without training your body to work in a gun fight all the push-ups in the world aren’t going to get you back home to your wife and kids. Remember as a legal owner/operator of a firearm you are not a felon, you most likely pay taxes and the government depends on that money to fly politicians around in private jets, so in my opinion if you die in a gun fight that would be incredibly unpatriotic.

Special thanks to the guys at RE Factor Tactical for buying the ammo and the beef jerky.


4 Responses to “Multiple Targets with the Pistol”

  • Silent1six4

    Awesome once again! And I like the Tshirt…I gotta get one. Keep it coming, also the same deal goes for the ‘Spikes”! Correct addy: http://www.spetzgear.com


    • Silent 1,
      Sorry about the typo I fixed it. Good to see you’re still around, I figured you would be out doing international man of mystery stuff. The T-shirts are available at http://refactortactical.com/ he has a few hilarious ones. Also any tips from a legend such as yourself would be helpful.

  • DG

    Awesome stuff! Tactical Reload? Check! Gunfights are measured in nano-seconds…don’t train til you get it right, train til you can’t get it wrong.


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