20th Feb2012
Spartan Race Fort Carson

Spartan Race Fort Carson

Come Join Us At The Spartan Race Fort Carson Tactical Athletic Performance and Complete Nutrition of Colorado Springs are going to be supporting the Spartan Race Colorado...

18th Feb2012
Cold Requires Fitness

Survive Out of Your Day Pack

So I was recently talking to a good friend of mine about doing some geocaching and hiking in the Rocky Mountains and we got on the subject...

12th Feb2012
Military Fitness sites

Top Sites You Need To Visit

I am always looking for new places to get info for our profession. Becuase it is such a small niche it is sometimes difficult to find good...

05th Feb2012
Training for Military

10 Tips to Improve Your Training for the Military

Whether you are getting ready to join the military or you are just ready to push your performance to the next level there are definitely a few...

28th Jan2012
Fat Burning

Optimum Fat Burning For Military Fitness

Lower Your Intensity, Increase Your Performance What is the best way to burn fat, lean up and overall increase my ability on the battle field? This is...

19th Jan2012
Pistol Training with NVG during day

Natural Point of Aim (The Art of The Draw 1)

Why Spend So Much Time On Pistol Drills? Pistol training can consume a large part of all skill training for the tactical athlete because, it takes much...

17th Jan2012
When delivered properly the armbar can quickly end a fight.

Armbars, Combat and the Tactical Athlete

A few years ago I wrote a concept brief for the Army Special Operations community with respect to a few basic Mixed Martial Arts techniques I thought...

13th Jan2012

Black Smoke Ready

“When we were in Iraq I was leading men house to house through a town when I noticed Black smoke getting popped by the enemy. They knew where we were and they were following us though the town marking our movements with black smoke. My Lieutenant was unaware of what was going on. I had to tell him the enemy is tracking us and we are going to be engaged.

12th Jan2012
Brownell's Gift Card

Win a $50 Gift Card to Brownells.com

Win a $50 gift card to brownells.com just for facebooking

10th Jan2012

The Best Nutritional Supplement You Aren’t Taking

While talking to the Special Operations performance nutritionist at Fort Bragg I asked her what, if any supplement should a high performance tactical athlete be taking. She told me that hands down the supplement she would suggest is an Omega-3 fish oil nutritional supplement. As military members we are generally pretty good at getting our protein in for the day and fairly good at taking a multivitamin but we are terrible at getting our Omega-3s especially when we are over seas eating crap MREs.