09th Jan2012
Military Fitness

Are You Training All Your Energy Systems?

The typical Tactical Athlete has for strength training and conditioning it becomes doubly important to find a workout that really returns huge results with a small investment of time.

09th Jan2012
Iraq Medical

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Medical skill is a huge combat multiplier and when it really hits the fan it is nice to have some basic skills to save some lives.

02nd Jan2012

The Best Pre-Workout Supplement?

After the body is fueled up the way it should be I like to take a supplement to help me have a great work out and enhance my results. From my experience NeuroCore has met the challenge in a big way. First and foremost always read the warnings before trying any supplement and use common sense.

21st Nov2011
Off Topic But I Think We Can All Enjoy It

Off Topic But I Think We Can All Enjoy It

11th Nov2011
Have a Thoughtful Veterans Day

Have a Thoughtful Veterans Day

Today I am humbled by all my friends, family and loved ones thanking me on this Veterans Day. Being a Veteran and continuing to serve has been...

06th Nov2011
Shot Calling

Shot Calling

Unfortunatly the Tactical Athletic Performance staff (Me) is out of the country right now but, I am linking this video because it is an absolutely amazing guide...

03rd Oct2011
Train up so if you get this opportunity you can handle it with finess

Multiple Targets with the Pistol

So this weekend I got to head out and do some shooting with some buddies I have known since the Camp Mackall days and we worked on...

28th Sep2011
Please Don't Do this

Injuries and the Tactical Athlete

Recently I was laid up for a week due to an injury and I know anyone who trains has had it happen to them. As an 18D...

13th Sep2011
Pistol Stance, Grip and Drills

Pistol Stance, Grip and Drills

I made this basic pistol video cause a buddy of mine asked for a beginner pistol training video. I also used this as an opportunity to try out a new holster and magazine carrier a friend of mine sent me.

09th Sep2011
The Go Ruck Accent Takes a 14er

Go Ruck Ascent… Food Is a Crutch

Over Labor Day weekend, 5 Green Berets led 50 people over some of Colorado’s most impressive 14,000-foot peaks for an event known as the GORUCK Ascent.  GORUCK,...