29th Aug2011
Takedowns and Defense

Takedowns and Defense

Having options is what being a full spectrum tactical athlete is all about recently we headed out to the Olympic training center and trained with U.S. Olympic...

17th Aug2011
Tactical Athletes Strength Training

Strength Training for the Tactical Athlete

The demands placed on you often make it difficult to get the most out of strength training and athletic performance enhancement, so here are a few tips to get the most out of your strength training and overall physical training.

15th Aug2011
Tiger Athletic Performance

Let’s Get to the Gym

Headed out to the gym todays workout back bi s and abs 5 sets of 20 pull ups 5 sets of 10 seated row One-legged kettle bell...

12th Aug2011
Combat Training Awesomeness

Combat Training Awesomeness

Here is a carbine that if you traded it for your first born you will have gotten the better side of the deal. Lock the doors and...

07th Aug2011
Use Boxing to Increase Tactical Performance

Use Boxing to Develop the Total Tactical Athlete

Training for combat is a long arduous process but if you don’t get exposure to a bunch of stuff out there you will never reach your maximum potential on the battlefield. I think boxing could be one of the best skills for Tactical Athletes. We spend tons of money trying to find a less than lethal means of subduing the enemy.

04th Aug2011
Tactical Athletes-sleeping-in-mudbig

Embrace the Suck

As a tactical athlete these conditions give birth to what is called the catabolic state. In this Catabolic state the Banshee will be sucking the life right out of your bones. It is essential to be able to recognize and overcome the effects of this catabolic state and stay at optimal performance levels.

31st Jul2011
Rangers Lead the Way

Rangers Lead the Way

28th Jul2011
Afgan gym

How the Tactical Athlete Recovers

The ability to recover/repair from exercise is one of the determining factors in the long term success of any training program.

28th Jul2011
Tactical Athletes with Heavy Tactical Gear

The Art of the Rucksack

My team and I got up to the mountains conducted skills training most of the day and in the afternoon headed off to find a suitable site to RON (Rest Over Night). The snow cave I constructed was rudimentary but would have to do, and after a frigid night of -20°F when 0400 rolled around it was time to bug out and link up with the rest of the company.

28th Jul2011
Marine In Heavy Combat Gear

What is Your Operational Equivalent Fitness Level

VO2 max is a metric used by athletes to determine the efficiency with which an individual utilizes oxygen. VO2 max is one measure that indicates an athletes ability to undergo sustain cardiovascular effort.