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I have had a ton of questions about what we are doing here so I am going to give a quick explanation and I would hope you read this whole page before proceeding. I have this section set up as a FAQ page for ease of reading.

Military Fitness

Q: What are you guys about?

A: It isn’t about us it is about you. This site is not a “fitness” site or a “gear” site or even a “military” site. This site was started by a few Special Operations Guys just trying to help each other out and keeping each other up to date. This site is designed to help guys at the tip of the spear to become a better tool to accomplish the mission. Improve your tactics, increase your fitness and have a great time!

Q: Who should read your site?

A: If you carry a gun for your occupation and  are depended on by others to protect them or if you close with and eliminate bad guys this is the place for you. Whether you are a Soldier, Airman, Marine or Enforcement Agent; hopefully we can help you be better at what you do.

Q: Is this site like “Crossfit,” “Viking Tactics” or “Weight Watchers?”

A: I love Crossfit and the others but, no we are totally different. There is no other site like this anywhere on the net. The idea of sharing tactical ideas, exchanging research and modifying TTPs for Tactical Athletes is unique to Tactical Athletic Performance.

Q: What is the deal with the “Klicks for Karma?”

A: This site is built to help spread best practices and info to help special operators and other tactical athletes do their job better. We have included some affiliate links for places like who sell great products at the best prices around, and if you go through an affiliate link to buy something you would anyway we send half of the commission to great causes like the “Wounded Warrior Foundation” and the “Special Operation Foundation.” We have a “Store” page and we sell T-shirts and the like that helps us with the charity work also. You will pay the same price that you would for the product otherwise but by making a stop here before proceeding, you can buy knowing you are helping support the war wounded and the families of the fallen.

Q: Why should I listen to you guys?

A: I have been asked this and to be honest I am not the worlds top authority on anything (I am no Duane Dieter j/k). I do spend a ton of time researching, training, debriefing others and I have a modicum of combat experience that I would like to share. I love to teach and if I wasn’t created to close with and destroy threats I would probably be a high school teacher (not the cool kind, cause I want people to get something out of the learning.) I also use my network to get posts from other Special Operators I have worked with in the past and guys that I have gotten training from.

Q: What do you want from me?

A: Give me your input, push yourself out of your comfort zone, share this site with others you work with, and every once in a while take a gander at the our affiliates section or Store to see if anything in there is something you would like to check out. I expect nothing from the readers except an open mind. In fact we would like to give you the gift of info, unfortunately this basket is for my wife so I can’t send you one. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new posts.

Q: Where can I get more info?

A: A guide I have been working on for a while is almost done and ready to go so “stand by.” Until then just get out of here and dig into some of the info we have put together for you. Also like us on Facebook and Google plus to stay up to date on the latest.

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  • Thanks for the site brother. I’m the commander of the 1-6 Cavalry Squadron (Air/OH-58Ds) at Fort Riley, KS. I’m also a personal trainer, Beachbody Coach and Skydiving Instructor. Your site has some great functional fitness info and I push that hard on the Troopers. I’ll be checking in often. Thanks for the work!

    Paul Cravey

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