28th Jul2011

What is Your Operational Equivalent Fitness Level

by A.J.

The Army, Marines, Air force and Navy all have physical fitness standards because they understand the absolute minimum fitness level required the do the job. When you take the PT (physical training) test generally you wear the appropriate PT uniform. When on mission the uniform the service member wears is often different and as such can have a negative effect on overall performance. There are many factors that indicate fitness from flexibility, strength, endurance, agility and so on, some more specific measures are Ventilatory Threshold, Lactic Threshold and VO2 max.

VO2 max is a metric used by athletes to determine the efficiency with which an individual utilizes oxygen. VO2 max is one measure that indicates an athletes ability to undergo sustain (more…)

24th Jul2011

15 Ways to Improve Training

by A.J.

Unfortunately getting out to the field to conduct some good combat training is difficult these days will such a high operational tempo and so many demands placed on the force. These obstacles make it absolutely imperative to get the most out of training. These 15 steps when applied in a well disciplined approach can greatly improve your combat training and that of your team.