10th Jan2012

The Best Nutritional Supplement You Aren’t Taking

by A.J.

Few other supplements can give you the bang for the buck that fish oils provide

Fish Oils, Omega -3, EPA and DHA are considered essential fatty acids your body can not build on its own. While talking to the Special Operations performance nutritionist  at Fort Bragg I asked her what, if any supplement should a high performance tactical athlete be taking. She told me that hands down the supplement she would suggest is an Omega-3 fish oil nutritional supplement. As military members we are generally pretty good at getting our protein in for the day and fairly good at taking a multivitamin but, we are terrible at getting our Omega-3s especially when we are over seas eating crap MREs. The question remains though; why do we need Omega-3s and fish oils in the first place? And what are Fish Oils anyway?

Fish Oils is a sort of generic term for a conglomeration of essential fatty acids. Fish oils consist of Omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which are precursors to certain compounds that are known to reduce inflammation in the body (hint: the reason you take 800 mg motrin everyday is because of pain caused by inflammation).

As a soldier, sailor or Marine you are asked to go to places where your diet has to be compromised. With a fish oil supplement you can replace that missing part of your diet to help you perform at top levels. Unfortunately a diet too rich in fish can lead to increased ingestion of heavy metals such as mercury which is why the FDA recommends limiting the intake of fish to a few times a week which may not be enough to gain the benefits from the fish oils

Omega-3 is known to do the following:

1.Fish oils reduce insulin levels, when insulin levels are high HGH (human growth hormone) is low, you want insulin levels to be low and HGH levels to be high

2.Fish oils directly increase oxidation (breakdown) of fat inside fat cells

3.Lower Bad Cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol

4.Reduce rates of Colon, Breast and Prostate Cancer

5.Reduce high blood pressure

6.Increase overall mental health, reduce depression and suicide rates, elevate mood

7.In animal studies fish oil nutritional supplements have been shown to lower the risk of developing ulcers when taking NSAIDs such as Motrin (which is why I keep them in my aid bag and when I prescribe any oral NSAID to a person on my team I include fish oils)

After talking to the performance nutritionist and doing some of my own research it really became such an obvious next step to increase my performance.


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6 Responses to “The Best Nutritional Supplement You Aren’t Taking”

  • Steve


    • Thanks for the feed back I hope you enjoyed it.

      • Steve

        People know about Fish Oil, but I hardly hear anyone ever actually applying it. I dont know if they just don’t know everything about it, or they just think they can get by with their protein shakes. Thanks for the article, I try to apply everything I learn from this site seriously.

  • Matt

    When I moved to Colorado I was suffering from constant dry eyes, especially since I had had laser eye surgery about 18 months earlier. Someone suggested Omega 3 fish oil. I think I have definitely seen an improvement, in my eyes as well as other areas. Good article!

    • Yeah dude I am all about the fish oils I do like 6000mgs per day. I feel like they really push my dieting over the top plus my back feels so much better when I am taking them.

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