07th Aug2011

Use Boxing to Develop the Total Tactical Athlete

by A.J.

Use Boxing to Increase Tactical Performance

Training for combat is a long arduous process but if you don’t get exposure to a bunch of stuff out there you will never reach your maximum potential on the battlefield. I think boxing could be one of the best skills for Tactical Athletes. We spend tons of money trying to find a less than lethal means of subduing the enemy. Often you need intel or he doesn’t rise to the threat level that requires fatal force, so you need a new tool to incapacitate the bad guys. Obviously punching terrorists in the face isn’t always the right answer, but when it is make sure you got that tool in the box. I put together a super basic crash course in boxing while wearing kit, I am going to link it to this post. Also keep in mind if you decide that boxing is going to be a go-to tool in your arsenal I would highly suggest getting some gloves with knuckle protection for the field , I will link some at the end of the post to give you an idea of what I am talking about if you have never seen some of the biker like tactical gloves out there. Here is the video I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please leave your comments or suggestions; also I am taking requests on stuff you would like to see.


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