11th Nov2011

Have a Thoughtful Veterans Day

by A.J.

Today I am humbled by all my friends, family and loved ones thanking me on this Veterans Day. Being a Veteran and continuing to serve has been the highest honor of my life and the self actualization it has provided me is by far thanks enough. I am humbled by the sacrifices that have been made by my brothers, sisters who have taken up arms by my side, I also would like to thank those who came before this generation and created the nation I grew up in, finally I would like to thank the spouses of those who have served especially since their sacrifice goes largely unnoticed.


2 Responses to “Have a Thoughtful Veterans Day”

  • Thank you for your service! From all of us at RE Factor Tactical we would also like to thank those who have served. The owner of this esteemed company is one of the best soldiers I have ever worked with and has served his country honorably. Thanks AJ for being one of the best.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful post, I had a great veterans day down here in Mexico City and just walking around makes you really appreciate the sacrifices all the patriots have made to make the USA truly great.

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