12th Jan2012

Win a $50 Gift Card to Brownells.com

by A.J.

Win $50 For Facebooking

Shop Brownells.comWell not everyone got what they wanted for Xmas and if you are anything like me there is still much more stuff on my list of absolute needs. I recently was doing some “research” and I noticed I absolutely needed new sights for my Glock 17, I figured there are others out there who probably would like the same stuff I do so, when my wife gave me $50 to buy something I thought I would give everyone a chance at it, also because not everyone has an awesome wife who hands over money for gun parts.

Okay here is how you win, I will be posting this on the Tactical Athletic Performance Facebook page all you have to do is upload a picture to the TAP wall that relates in some way to TAP (ie. military, nutrition, gear, exersice etc.). once you do that get as many people as you can to “like” your picture and if by the end of Feb you have the most “likes” you win, you have to be a fan of the page to win. I will also be posting a picture and I am going to ask all my facebook friends to like it so I can win the $50 gift card (to be honest I don’t really have that many friends but I think it is worth a try). Good luck and happy posting, I am cheering for you all and may the biggest facebook nerd win.

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